Findings on happiness in Cameron et al. (1973): study US 1971 /2

Author(s)Cameron, P.; Kostin, J.; Kostin, M.; Titus, D.G.
TitleThe Life Satisfaction of Non-Normal Persons.
SourceJournal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 1973, Vol. 41, 207 - 214
PublicChildren, retarded and normal, USA,197?
 Year of data gathering not reported
Survey nameUnnamed study
SampleNon-probability chunk sample
 Non-probability chunk samples (4 classes with retarded children and 2 with normal children). retarded: mean IQ 70,8; age 6-19, mean age 13; 20 boys and 20 girls normals : mean IQ 97.5; age 12-15, mena age 13; 20 boys and 20 girls Non-Caucasion children were excluded.
Respondents N =80
Non Response-
AssesmentQuestionnaire: paper
 Questionnaire, orally administered to blind. Additional ratings by teachers and behavioral observation
Happiness measure(s) used
Full textTime sampling of happy behavior: Rating by two independent observers. One of the observers was familiar with the general aims of the study whereas the other one was not familiar with these. Each child was observed twice in both a class situation and at recess. It was observed for one minute and then later for another minute in the same situation by both observers independently and then rated over that minute in that situation. Rating options: 3 happy 2 neutral 1 unhappy
Author's labelLife satisfaction
Error estimatesReliability: Interjudge agreement; average agreement of 97.7%. Validity:
Finding used in
nation ranks

Full textRatings by parents: How would you rate this child's general level of happiness....? 1 always or almost always unhappy 2 more often unhappy than happy 3 equal periods or amounts of happiness and unhappiness 4 more often happy than unhappy 5 always or almost always happy
Author's labelLife satisfaction
Finding used in
nation ranks

Correlational findings

Author's labelSubject Code
Subject description
Being retardedI03ad01Mental retardation