Findings on happiness in Craig et al. (1974): study US Maryland 1968

Author(s)Craig, T.J.; Comstock, G.W.; Geiser, P.B.
TitleThe Quality of Survival in Breast Cancer: A Case-Control Comparison.
SourceCancer, 1974, Vol. 33, 1451 - 1457
PublicBreast cancer patients and controls, Maryland, USA, 1968
 Caucasian women aged 30 years plus with breast cancer diagnosed prior to July 1967, living in Washington County at the time of the survey from April to June 1968 and who were identified in the non-official census taken in July 1963.
Collect periodApril to June
Survey nameNot available
SampleNon-probability purposive sample
 Patients with breast cancer were matsched with 2 sets of controls: population controls matched by sex and age to the cases were chosen from the 1963 census list of the county; neighborhood control matched to the case on the basis of sex, birth year and enumeration district with the Caucasian woman living closes to the case.
Respondents N =394
 134 breast cancer cases and 260 controls
Non ResponseNot available
AssesmentMultiple methods
 In both groups most cases (90%) returned mailed questionaires, 9 or 10 were interviewd by telephone and 1 to 0 personally.
Happiness measure(s) used
Full textSelfreport on single question Lead item not reported 6 perfectly happy with life as it is 5 mostly happy 4 3 2 1 life is not worth living - DK/NA
Author's labelAttitude
Page in publication1454
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Correlational findings

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quality of survivalH14ad02bBreast cancer (c50)