Findings on happiness in Chow (2012): study CA Calgary, Alberta 2007

Author(s)Chow, H.P.
TitleHealth Care Service Needs and Correlates of Quality of Life: A Case Study of Elderly Chinese Immigrants in Canada
SourceSocial Indicators Research, 2012, Vol. 106, 347 - 358
DOIDOI: 10.1007/s11205-011-9810-0
Public65+aged Chinese migrants, Calgary, Canada, 2007
Survey nameUnnamed study
 The data for this analysis were gathered as part of a larger study exploring the health care needs among institutionalized and non-institutionalized elderly Chinese immigrants and investigating the views of Chinese-Canadian on eldercare services and related issues in Calgary, Alberta.
SampleProbability simple random sample
 The study based on the use of a 50% random sample drawn from all the units in three seniors’ apartments located in the Calgary downtown area. These seniors’ residential complexes were occupied exclusively by individuals of Chinese origin. The Chinese residents were predominantly emigrants from Hong Kong and Mainland China.
Respondents N =127
 Males N: 27 Females N: 100
Non ResponseNot available
AssesmentInterview: face-to-face
 Interviews were conducted at immigrants' place of residence by trained, bilingual interviewers employing a structured questionnaire .These interviews were conducted in English or a Chinese dialect (e.g., Cantonese, Mandarin, or Taishanese) spoken by the participants. The average length of the interviews was 30 min, with a range from 20 min to nearly an hour.
Happiness measure(s) used
Full textSelfreport on single question: … satisfied with overall life.. (full text not reported) 1 very dissatisfied 2 dissatisfied 3 neutral 4 satisfied 5 very satisfied
Author's labelLife Satisfaction
Page in publication351
Finding used in
nation ranks
Scores in12345

Full textSelfreport on single question: I am happy most of the time 5 strongly agree 4 3 2 1 strongly disagree
Author's labelPsychological well-being
Page in publication352
RemarksThis question was part of a 5 item index.
Finding used in
nation ranks
 On original range 0 - 0On range 0 - 10
Standard deviation1.11

Correlational findings

Author's labelSubject Code
Subject description
AgeA04abCurrent age (in years)
Country of originN10aa01Earlier nationality (nation of origin)
Financial needI01acSufficiency of current income
Length of residenceM07aa02Time since migration
Marital statusM02aaMarried state (compared to non-married states)
Medication useH12ac03Use of medicaments
Neighbourhood qualityL12ac02aSatisfaction with amenities in vinicity
Perceived needs for servicesS10ab03Kind of social support received
Perceived needs for servicesS10ac02Perceived availability of social support, also classified as above ↑
Physical mobilityH14ac02bRestrictions in moving
Psychological well-beingW07abCurrent worries
Psychological well-beingH07aa03Overall happiness and contentment, also classified as above ↑
SexG01aaSex (male vs female)
Social networkF06acCurrent contacts with friends
Social networkF03abCurrent family-network, also classified as above ↑
Total VariantsS15ab02Socio-demographic + environmental factors
Total VariantsS15ab16Socio-demographic + health + social ties, also classified as above ↑