Findings on happiness in Cuesta & Budria (2011): study DE 2000

Author(s)Cuesta, M.B.; Budria, S.
TitleDeprivation and Subjective Well-being: Evidence from Panel Data.
SourceEA Working Papers, 2011, No.8, UA Madrid, Spain
Public18+ aged, heads of households, Germany, 2000-2008
Last assesment2008
Survey nameDE-SOEP
 German Socio-Economic Panel Survey (GSOEP)
SampleProbability multi-stage cluster sample
Respondents N =11000
 48484 observations
Non ResponseNot available
AssesmentInterview: face-to-face
Happiness measure(s) used
Full textSelfreport on single question: Taking all things together, how satisfied are you with your life these days? Please answer with the help of this scale. For instance, when you are totally satisfied with your life, please tick '10'. When you are totally unsatisfied with your life, please tick '0'. You may use all values in between to indicate that you are neither totally satisfied nor totally unsatisfied." 10 totally satisfied 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 totally unsatisfied
Author's labelLife satisfaction
Page in publication9
RemarksFull distribution not reported
Finding used in
nation ranks
 On original range 0 - 10On range 0 - 10
Standard deviation1.701.70

Correlational findings

Author's label Our subject description
Attends cinema, concertsshow  Passive participation
Attends cultural eventsshow  Current cultural participation
Attends religious eventsshow  Current religious practices
Attends religious eventsshow  Participation in church, also classified as above ↑
Balconyshow  Quality of current dwelling
Bathshow  Facilities in the house
Big Five Dimensions and LOCshow  Agreeable
Big Five Dimensions and LOCshow  Conscientious, also classified as above ↑
Big Five Dimensions and LOCshow  Extraverted, also classified as above ↑
Big Five Dimensions and LOCshow  Inner locus of control, also classified as above ↑
Big Five Dimensions and LOCshow  Neurotic, also classified as above ↑
Big Five Dimensions and LOCshow  Open, also classified as above ↑
Boilershow  Facilities in the house
Boilershow  Specific possessions, also classified as above ↑
Carshow  Car
Cellarshow  Quality of current dwelling
Deprivation in accomodation (relative)show  Facilities in the house
Deprivation in accomodation (relative)show  Relative resources, also classified as above ↑
Deprivation in durables (relative)show  Relative resources
Deprivation in facilities (relative)show  Relative resources
Deprivation in health (relative)show  Relative health
Deprivation in health (relative)show  Relative resources, also classified as above ↑
Deprivation in income (relative)show  Relative resources
Deprivation in savings (relative)show  Relative resources
Deprivation in social relations (relative)show  Relative contacts
Deprivation in social relations (relative)show  Relative resources, also classified as above ↑
Disabledshow  Disability
Dishwashershow  Dishwasher
Doctor visits (>12 per year)show  Visits to doctor
Employment statusshow  Current employment status
Gardenshow  Facilities in the house
Gendershow  Sex (male vs female)
Health statusshow  Self-perceived health
Heatingshow  Facilities in the house
House size (nr of rooms)show  Quality of current dwelling
House size (surface)show  Surface of house
Kitchenshow  Facilities in the house
Ln (household income)show  Change in income level
Ln (household income)show  Household income , also classified as above ↑
Ln (household income)show  Relative income, also classified as above ↑
Ln (household savings)show  Savings
Log (age)show  Current age (in years)
Log (age) squaredshow  Current age (in years)
Log (nr of adults in household)show  Current household-composition
Log (nr of children in household)show  Current household-composition
Log (nr of children in household)show  Number of children, also classified as above ↑
Marital statusshow  Married state (compared to non-married states)
Microwaveshow  Micro wave
Nationalityshow  Foreign nationalities in nation
Participates in politicsshow  Political participation
Participates in volunteer workshow  Voluntary work
Practices sportsshow  Current sporting
Telephoneshow  Telephone
Telephoneshow  Telephone, also classified as above ↑
Televisionshow  Tv
Toiletshow  Quality of current dwelling
Washershow  Washer
Years of educationshow  Years schooling