Findings on happiness in Hoff & Jehoel-Gijsbers (1998): study NL 1982

Author(s)Hoff, S.J.; Jehoel-Gijsbers, G.
TitleEen Bestaan zonder Baan. (Live without Work).
SourceSociaal Cultureel Planbureau, 1998, Rijswijk, Netherlands
PublicAdults, in labor force, The Netherlands, 1982-1995
Survey nameNot available
 LWW 1982 en LWW 1995 LWW: Leefsituatie Werkenden en Werklozen (Situation of living employed and unemployed). Questionnaires 1982-1995.
SampleProbability simple random sample
Respondents N =500
 Estimate, N not reported
Non ResponseNot reported
AssesmentInterview: face-to-face
Happiness measure(s) used
Full textSelfreport on single question: How satisfied are you with the life you currently lead? 5 extraordinary satisfied 4 very satisfied 3 satisfied 2 fairly satisfied 1 not very satisfied
Author's labelOverall happiness
Page in publication147
Finding used in
nation ranks

Correlational findings

Author's labelSubject Code
Subject description
Employment statusE02abCurrent employment status
Employment statusE02ab03Unemployed involuntary, also classified as above ↑
Employment statusE02ab02Unfit for work, also classified as above ↑