Findings on happiness in Ferree (1984): study US 1971

Author(s)Ferree, M.M.
TitleClass, Housework and Happiness: Women's Work and Life Satisfaction.
SourceSex Roles, 1984, Vol. 11, 1057 - 1074
PublicWhite married women, USA, 1971-76
Survey nameNot available
 1971 Quality of American Life Survey, NORC General Social Surveys of 1972-1976 Same data also reported in WRIGH 1978
SampleProbability stratified sample
 Probability multistage samples. Six samples combined. Excluded: males, non- white women, white non-married women, white married women who were student or retired. Also excluded were working women with preschool children.
Respondents N =2541
  N: 2541 ( 1971: 508, 1972: 383, 1973: 434 1974: 420, 1975: 398, 1976: 398 )
Non ResponseNot available
AssesmentInterview: face-to-face
Happiness measure(s) used
Full textSelfreport on single question: We have talked about various parts of your life, now I want to ask you about your life as a whole. How satisfied are you with your life as a whole these days.....? 7 completely satisfied 6 5 4 neutral 3 2 1 completely dissatisfied
Author's labelLife satisfaction
Page in publication1062
RemarksNB: reversed coding in paper : 1 = completely satisfied, 7 = completely dissatisfied
Finding used in
nation ranks
 On original range 1 - 7On range 0 - 10
Standard deviation

Full textSelfreport on single question: Taken all together, how would you say things are these days? Would you say that you are....? 3 very happy 2 pretty happy 1 not too happy
Author's labelHappiness
Page in publication1063
Remarkscodes are reversed in paper: 1 = very happy, 3 = not too happy
Finding used in
nation ranks
 On original range 1 - 3On range 0 - 10
Standard deviation

Correlational findings

Author's labelSubject Code
Subject description
AgeA04abCurrent age (in years)
EducationE01ab01Years schooling
Family incomeI01ab03Household income
Having children < age 6C04ab01Age of children
HousewifeE02ab01Full-time home maker
HousewifeF02af01Oneself-mother: works (vs not), also classified as above ↑
Husband's job statusS09abCurrent socio-economic status
Number of childrenC03ab01Number of children
Present or last job statusS09abCurrent socio-economic status
Size of placeL13ab02Community size
Social desirabilityP05ahApproval seeking
Time pressureT01ab03Perceived time-pressure