Findings on happiness in Veenhoven (2002a): study ZZ EU 12 1973

Author(s)Veenhoven, R.
TitleDie Rückkehr der Ungleichheit in die moderne Gesellschaft? Die Verteillung der Lebenszufriedenheit in den EU-Ländern von 1973 bis 1996. ( Return of Inequlaity in Modern Society? Dispersion of Life-Satisfaction in EU-Nations 1973 -1996).
SourceGlatzer, W.;Habich, R.;Mayer, K.U.;Eds.: "Sozialer Wandel und gesellschaftliche Dauerbeobachtung", Leske & Budrich, 2002, Opladen, Germany, 273 - 293
PublicAdults, general public, EU 12 member states, 1973-1996
 Belgium, Denmark, France, (East and West) Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain
 1973 to 1996
Survey nameNot available
SampleProbability sample (unspecified)
 Non-probability sample of nations, probability samples within nations
Respondents N =15000
Non ResponseNot available
AssesmentInterview: face-to-face
Happiness measure(s) used
Full textSelfreport on single question: On the whole how satisfied are you with the life you lead? 4 very satisfied 3 fairly satisfied 2 not very satisfied 1 not at all satisfied - Don't know
Author's labelLifesatisfaction
Finding used in
nation ranks

Correlational findings

Author's label Our subject description
Inequality of happinessshow  Inequality in happiness in nation
Inequality of happinessshow  Inequality of happiness in nations, also classified as above ↑
Trend inequality in happiness 1973-1996show  Inequality of happiness in nations
Trend inequality in happiness 1973-1996show  Trend inequality of happiness in era, also classified as above ↑