Findings on happiness in Jol (1985a): study NL 1974

Author(s)Jol, C.
TitleLiever Samen dan Alleen? Veranderingen in Levensomstandigheden én Welbevinden van Alleenstaanden, 1974-1983. (Better together than Alone? Changes in Life Situations ánd Well-Being of Singles,1974-1983).
SourceC.B.S. Select, Nr. 3, Central Bureau of Statistics, 1985, The Hague, Netherlands, 171 - 184
Public18+ aged, general public, The Netherlands, 1974-1983
 1974 and 1983
Survey nameNot available
 Life-Situation Survey (LSS). See also JOL 1984.
SampleNot available
 Number of singles: 1974: 458, 1983: 512.
Respondents N =4000
 1974: 4806, 1983: 3987
Non Response1974: 28%, 1983: 43%
AssesmentInterview: face-to-face
Happiness measure(s) used
Full textSelfreport on single question: How satisfied are you with the life you currently lead? 5 extraordinary satisfied 4 very satisfied 3 satisfied 2 fairly satisfied 1 not very satisfied
Author's labelLife-satisfaction
Finding used in
nation ranks

Correlational findings

Author's label Our subject description
Ageshow  Current age (in years)
Being a widowshow  Married vs widowed
Being divorcedshow  Divorced or separated
Being singleshow  Never married
Educational levelshow  Level of school-education
Expensive goodsshow  Specific possessions
explained varianceshow  Socio-demographic + health + life style
Income levelshow  Household income
Joint Effectsshow  Socio-demographic + life appraisals + life style + social ties
Living aloneshow  Living alone or not
Living in a flatshow  Type of current dwelling
Male sexshow  Sex (male vs female)
Membershipshow  Membership of voluntary organizations
Own incomeshow  Own income or not
Professional help receivedshow  Services
Satisfaction with workshow  Satisfaction with work-as-a-whole
Use of medicamentsshow  Use of medicaments
Workshow  Current employment status