Findings on happiness in Stephens (1988): study CA 1978

Author(s)Stephens, T.
TitlePhysical Activity and Mental Health in the United States and Canada: Evidence from Four Population Surveys.
SourcePreventive Medicine, 1988, Vol. 17, 35 - 47
Public15+ aged, Canada, 1978-1979
Survey nameNot available
 CHS Canada Health Survey
SampleProbability simple random sample
Respondents N =23791
Non Response25
AssesmentQuestionnaire: web
Happiness measure(s) used
Full textSelfreport on 10 questions: "During the past few months, have you ever felt..... A Particularly excited or interested in something? B So restless that you couldn't sit long in a chair? C Proud because someone complimented you on something you had done? D Very lonely or remote from other people? E Pleased about having accomplished something? F Bored? G Depressed or very unhappy? H That things were going your way? I Upset because someone criticized you? Answer options and scoring: 3 often 2 sometimes 1 never Summation: -Positive Affect Score (PAS): A+C+E+I -Negative Affect Score (NAS): B+D+F+H+J -Affect Balance Score (ABS): PAS minus NAS Possible range: -15 to +12 Name: Bradburn's 'Affect Balance Scale' (standard version)
Author's labelMental Health Measures
Page in publication37,38
Finding used in
nation ranks
 On original range -15 - 12On range 0 - 10
Standard deviation

Correlational findings

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