Findings on happiness in Chiriboga (1977): study US 1974

Author(s)Chiriboga, D.A.
TitleLife Event Weighting Systems: A Comparative Analysis.
SourceJournal of Psychosomatic Research, 1977, Vol. 21, 415 - 422
PublicPeople in transition, metropolis, USA, 1974
Survey nameNot available
SampleNot available
 See LOWEN 1975: high school seniors left out.
Respondents N =179
Non Response19%
AssesmentInterview: face-to-face
 Lengthy interviews
General remarksSame study reported in CHIRI 1971, 1980 and 1984. This study involves an 11 year follow-up with 5 interviews between l969-1980. The data reported here were from the third interview. See also FISKE 1985/1 and LOWEN 1975.
Happiness measure(s) used
Full textSelfreport on 3 questions: A. " Dissatisfied" and "Unhappy" responses on the Block (1961) Adjective Rating List. B. Overall happiness. Single direct question: "Taking all things together, how would you say things are these days? Would you say you are .......?" 3 very happy 2 pretty happy 1 not too happy C. Present-year score on Life-Evaluation Chart, ranging from: 1 low 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 high
Author's labelOverall satisfaction
Finding used in
nation ranks
 On original range 1 - 9On range 0 - 10
Standard deviation

Full textSelfreport on 8 questions. "During the past week, did you ever feel.....?" A very lonely B restless C bored D depressed E on top of the world F excited or interested G pleased about accomplishment H proud Answer options: 1 never 2 once 3 several times 4 often Summation: -Positive Affect Score (PAS): E+F+G+H -Negative Affect Score (NAS): A+B+C+D -Affect Balance Score (ABS): PAS-NAS+13 Name: Bradburn's Affect Balance Scale (modified version)
Author's labelAffect balance
Error estimatesReliability: Validity:
Finding used in
nation ranks
 On original range 1 - 25On range 0 - 10
Standard deviation

Correlational findings

Author's label Our subject description
Stressshow  Burden of current life-events