Findings on happiness in DeGoede & Maassen (1987): study NL 1982

Author(s)DeGoede, M.P.; Maassen, G.H.
TitleNiet Jong en Niet Oud: Verschillen in Omgaan met Werkeloosheid. (Not Young and Not Old:Differences in Coping with Unemployment.)
SourceSpruit, I.P.;Tazelaar, F.;Eds.: "Leven met Werkeloosheid.", Wolters-Noordhof, 1987, Groningen, Netherlands, Chapters 7 - 8.
Public25-55 aged males, unemployeds and controls, The Netherlands, 1982/2
Collect period2-6
Survey nameNot available
SampleNot available
 In the context of a weekly survey among probability sample of 1200 Dutch households respondents were asked 1) whether any unemployed person is part of the household and 2) whether this person would be willing to participate in a study on that matter. This question was posed in five successive surveys and yielded 823 addresses. From these 590 were sampled a-selectly. An examination of the representativeness of this poststratified sample indicates a slight underrepresentation of youth and early retired, as well as of single and female unemployed. From this pool all unemployed males aged 25-55 were taken ( N=210 ). From the original survey data a controlgroup of same aged unemployed males was selected ( N=173 ). Details reported in Maassen & De Goede 1984.
Respondents N =383
 unemployed 210, control group 173
Non Response0%
AssesmentInterview: face-to-face
 Structured interview
Happiness measure(s) used
Full textSelfreport on single question: "Do you feel......?" 4 very happy 3 happy 2 so-so 1 unhappy 0 very unhappy
Author's labelOverall satisfaction
RemarksUnemployed Employed M' = 1,79 M' = 2,99 Ms' = 4,5 Ms' = 7,5 SD = 1,06 SD = 0,62
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Correlational findings

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Subject description
UnemploymentE02abCurrent employment status