Findings on happiness in Headey & Wearing (1986): study AU AU Victoria 1981

Author(s)Headey, B.; Wearing, A.J.
TitleChains of Well-Being, Chains of Ill-Being. An Australian Panel Study, 1981-1985.
SourcePaper presented at the International Conference of Sociology, 1986, New Delhi, India
Public18-65 aged, general public, Victoria, Australia, followed 1981-985
Last assesment1985
 T1: 1981 T2: 1983 T3: 1985
Survey nameNot available
SampleProbability stratified sample
Respondents N =942
 In 1981 942 panel members were interviewed In 1983 677 of the original panel were re-interviewed In 1985 584 members were contacted
Non Response0
AssesmentQuestionnaire: paper
Happiness measure(s) used
Full textSelfreport on single question, asked twice in interview: How do you feel about your life as a whole......? 7 delighted 6 pleased 5 mostly satisfied 4 mixed 3 mostly dissatisfied 2 unhappy 1 terrible Summation: arithmetic mean Name: Andrews & Withey's "Delighted-Terrible Scale" (original version) Also known as Lehman's 'Global life satisfaction'
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Correlational findings

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