Correlational finding on Happiness and subject: Current nutrition

StudyVentegodt (1996): study DK 1993
TitleLiskvalitet hos 4500 31-33-arige. (The Quality of Life of 4500 31-33-Years-Olds).
SourceForskningscentrets Forlag, 1996, Copenhagen, Denmark
Public31-33 aged, Denmark 1993, born in University Hospital in Copenhagen
SampleNon-probability chunk sample
Respondents N =4611

Author's labeldiet
Page in Source 186
Our classificationCurrent nutrition
Single question:
"How is your diet ?"
a: I eat what I like
b: I think my diet is healthy
c: I don't think my diet is healthy
d: I eat so as to keep my weight down
e: I eat ready-prepared dishes or fast food 
   at least once a week
f: I eat vegatarian
g: Information campaigns influence my 
   dietary habits
Observed distributionN: All; %:a:66,6; b:53,7; c:17,4; d:8,4; e:17,6; f:4,3; g:12,8
catagories are not mutually exclusive

Observed Relation with Happiness
a: Mt=7.79
b: Mt=7.96
c: Mt=7.09
d: Mt=7.81
e: Mt=7.58
f: Mt=7.61
g: Mt=7.64
a: Mt=7.44
b: Mt=7.65
c: Mt=6.76
d: Mt=7.51
e: Mt=7.24
f: Mt=7.21
g: Mt=7.26
a: Mt=7.01
b: Mt=7.26
c: Mt=6.50
d: Mt=7.06
e: Mt=6.70
f: Mt=6.73
g: Mt=6.90

Appendix 1: Happiness measures used
CodeFull Text
A-AOL-m-sq-v-5-aSingle direct question:

How are you feeling now....?
5 very good
4 good
3 neither good nor poor
2 poor
1 very poor
O-HL-c-sq-v-5-haSelfreport on single question

How happy are you now?
5 very happy
4 happy
3 neither happy nor unhappy
2 unhappy
1 very unhappy
O-SLu-c-sq-v-5-eSelfreport on single question:

'How satisfied are you with your life now?'
5 very satisfied
2 satisfied
3 neither satisfied nor dissatisfied
2 dissatisfied
1 very dissatisfied

Appendix 2: Statistics used
Ruut Veenhoven, World Database of Happiness, Collection of Correlational Findings, Erasmus University Rotterdam.