Happiness measure, code: A-AB-md-mqr-v-5-b

Selfreport on 19 questions repeated 13 days

To what extent did you feel today,,
A calm
B cheerful
C pleasant
D energetic
E enthusiastic
F excited
G sad
H dejected
I depressed
J nervous
K anxious
L tense
O angry
P irritable
Q hostile

1 not at all
5 extremely

Computation: (A to F) - (G toQ)
Focus, A-AB Affect: Affect Balance (Various)
Time frame, md last day
Mode, mqr multiple questions, repeated
Scale type, v verbal scale Range = 5
Used in studies
ReferenceConner et al. (2015): study NZ Auckland 2013
TitleOn Carrots and Curiosity: Eating Fruit and Vegetables is associated with greater Flourishing in daily Life.
PublicUniversity students, New Zealand, 2013, followed 13 days
Findingsdistributional: yes, correlational: yes
ReferenceMoodscope (2010): study US 2010
TitleMoodscope: Mood Management through Self-Tracking and Peer Support
PublicUsers of a mood-tracking website,followed 3 months or more, USA, 2010
Findingsdistributional: no, correlational: yes