Happiness measure, code: M-AO---mq-v*-10-a

Selfreport on 3 questions:

A All in all, how much happiness would you say you find in life today......?
3 a great deal
2 some but not very much
1 almost none

B In general, how would you say you feel most of the time, in good spirits or in low spirits.....?
1 I am usually in low spirits
2 I am sometimes in good spirits, sometimes in low spirits
3 I am mostly in good spirits

C On the whole, how satisfied are you with your way of life today.....?
4 very satisfied
3 fairly satisfied
2 not very satisfied
1 not satisfied at all

Items selected by Guttman scaling.
Focus, M-AO Mixed: Affect + Overall
Time frame, * various time frames
Mode, mq multiple questions
Scale type, v* verbal scales combined Range = 10
Used in studies
ReferenceThompson et al. (1960): study US 1952
TitleThe Effect of Retirement on Personal Adjustment: A Panel Analysis.
Public60+ aged, employed at start, followed 2 years, USA, 1952-54
Findingsdistributional: yes, correlational: yes