Findings on Happiness and subject: Sum of negative life-events)

Correlate as named by investigatorPeople investigated
FindingNegative life change18+ aged, general public, NW Wisconsin, USA, 1974
FindingAdverse events18-65 aged, Victoria, Australia, followed 1981 to 1987
FindingAdverse Events18-65 aged, general public, Victoria, Australia, followed from 1981 to 1989
FindingSerious personal loss or misfortune25-59 aged, general public, USA, 1981
Findingstresses55+ aged, Being China, 198?
Findingpositive and negative sequaleAdult bone marrow transplantation survivors, USA. 1991
FindingNegative EventsGeneral public, 3 cities, Arizona, USA, 1979
FindingStressors ( hassles and life events)Students, religious affiliated college, USA, 199?