Findings on Happiness and subject: Recent widowhood)

Correlate as named by investigatorPeople investigated
FindingMarital status14+ aged general public, Switserland, followed 12 years 1999-2012
FindingWidowed16+ aged general public, Germany, followed 1-26 years, 1984-2010
FindingWidowhood16+ aged working force, USA, followed 5 years, 1973-1977
FindingDeath partner16-65 aged, United Kingdom, 1999 -2004
FindingChange in marital status20+ aged, The Netherlands, 1998-2009
FindingSpouse died in last year21-64 aged, general public, Germany, followed 14 years, 1985-1999
FindingChange in marital status24+ aged, USA, followed 1986-1994
FindingHusband died in mineaccident 6 months agoRecently widowed miner`s wives and controls,USA, 1972
FindingChange in widowedWorking age people, UK, followed 10 years 1996-2006