Findings on Happiness and subject: Neurotic (f48))

Correlate as named by investigatorPeople investigated
FindingTrait negative affectivity (NA)12-18 aged headache patients, The Netherlands, 1997
FindingNeuroticism16+ aged, general public, Germany, 1990-2004
FindingNeuroticism17+ aged, general public, Germany, followed 7 years 2000-2006
FindingNeuroticism17-97 aged males, visitors of the Gerontology Research Centre, followed 10 years Baltimore, USA. 1958-70
FindingNeuroticism18+ aged general public, Germany, followed 15 years, 1990 - 2005
FindingWell-being18+ aged, general public, Dunedin, New Zealand, 198?
Findingneuroticism18+ aged, general public, Germany, 2010
FindingNeuroticism18-65 aged, Victoria, Australia, followed 1981 to 1987
FindingNeuroticism18-65 aged, general public, Victoria, Australia, followed from 1981 to 1989
FindingNeuroticismAdults, Great Britain, 2000
FindingNeuroticismCollege students, USA, 199?
FindingneuroticismElderly, Sassenheim, the Netherlands, 1992
FindingNeuroticismMarried females, USA, 196?
FindingNeuroticism FANSStudents, Kuwait, 2004
FindingNeuroticism NEOStudents, Kuwait, 2004
FindingNeuroticismStudents, London, UK, 2003
FindingNeuroticismUniversity students, South Korea, 2011
FindingNeuroticismYoung adults, followed from age 18 to 30, The Netherlands, 1987-1999