Findings on Happiness and subject: In mental hospital)

Correlate as named by investigatorPeople investigated
FindingMental health18-65 aged, differing in mental health, followed 2 years, UK, 1999-2001
FindingMental illness60+ aged, psychiatric cases and controls, San Fransisco, USA, 1962
FindingIn treatmentAged mental patients, 1 year after admission, USA, 1966
FindingCommunity care facilities for mental illChronic mental patients, Manchester, Great Britain, 1987
Findingpatients vs normalsFemale mental patients and controls, USA, 1967
FindingChange in quality of lifeFemale mental patients, Berlin, followed 6 month,199?
FindingMental healthMental patients and controls, followed 2 years, UK 1994-2001
FindingRestrictiveness of settingMentally retarded males, hospital, USA, 196?
FindingPrisoners vs. Comparison GroupsPrisoners and comparison groups, 1974, USA
FindingMental illnessStudents and mental patients, USA 199?