Findings on Happiness and subject: Trust in fellow-man in nation)

Correlate as named by investigatorPeople investigated
Findingtrust neighbours14+ aged general public, 22 rich countries, 2005
FindingSocial trust14+ aged, 29 countries (EU member states and potential members), 1975-2011
FindingTrust16+ aged, general public, United Kingdom, 2000
FindingTrust in people18+ aged, general public, 32 OECD member states,1994-2008
FindingSocial trust18+ aged, general public, 55 nations, 1981-2004
Findingsocial trust18+ aged, general public, 74 nations, 1997-2001
FindingSocial/generalised trust18+ aged, general public, 80 nations, 1990-2001
FindingSocial Acceptance18+ aged, general public, Dane County, Wisconsin USA, 1994
FindingInterpersonal trust18+ aged, general public, in 90 nations, 1999-2008
FindingSocial trust18+ years, general public, 87 countries, 1995-2005
FindingSocial trust18+aged, general public, 9 regions, USA, 1983-1998
FindingMost people can be trusted18-75 aged, general public, China, 2012-13
FindingTrust in people20-64 aged, Finland, 2012
FindingTrusting others20-69 aged, general public, China, 2006
FindingTrust in neighboursAdults, age range not rpeorted, Bhutan, 2012
FindingCynicismAdults, general public, 30 countries, 1974-1999
FindingTrust in (fellow) countrymenAdults, general public, 48 nations, around 1990
FindingTrust in family membersAdults, general public, 48 nations, around 1990
FindingTrust in compatriotsAdults, general public, 67 nations, 1990s
FindingTrust in peopleAdults, general public, 90 nations, 1990s
FindingTrust in compatriotsAdults, general public, 98 nations, 2000s