Findings on Happiness and subject: Political violence in nation)

Correlate as named by investigatorPeople investigated
FindingPolitical protest15+ aged, general public, 14 nations and regions, 1974-1976
FindingPolitical protest15+ aged, general public, EU 9 member states, Western Europe, 1975
FindingDemocratic Quality of Government15+ aged, general public, Multiple nations, 2006
FindingSocial Hostilities Index15-24 aged, 43 nations, 2005-2008
FindingSocial Disintegration Factor 218+ aged general public, 27 nations, 1980
FindingDemocratic process18+ aged, general public, 55 nations, 1981-2004
FindingPolitical Stabiliy and absence of violence18+ aged, general public, 78 nations, 1991-2001
FindingSocial Disintegration Factor 2Adult general public, 22 nations, 1975
FindingDeath by political violenceAdults, general public, 30 countries, 1974-1999