Findings on Happiness and subject: Use of tobacco)

Correlate as named by investigatorPeople investigated
FindingExposed to second hand smoke11-19 aged highschool girls, Iran, 200?
FindingSmoking12+ aged, The Netherlands, 2006-2009
FindingSmoking habits14+ aged, general public, Russia, 1994-2005.
FindingSmoking15+ aged general public, Arkhangelsk, Russia, 2000
FindingSmoker15-75 aged, Ukraine, followed 4 years, 2003-2007,
FindingSmoking16+ aged general public Northern Ireland, 2009
FindingSmoking16+ aged, general public UK, 2012
FindingSmoking habits16+ aged, general public, Austria, 1984
FindingSmoking16+ aged, general public, Russia, 1994-2005
FindingSmoking16+ aged, general public, Wales, UK, 2007-2010
FindingSmoking16+ aged, households' members, Netherlands, 1993-2006
FindingNonsmoker18+ aged general public, Australia, followed 3 years 2007-2009
FindingSmoking18+ aged, general public, Netherlands, 2007,2008,2009
FindingSmoking18+ aged, general public, The Netherlands, 2001
FindingSmoking18+ aged, households' heads, Germany, 1984-2006
FindingSmoking18-88 aged, general public, Denmark, 1993
Findingon the average, how much do you smoke a day18-88 aged, general public, Denmark, 1993
FindingConsumption of tobacco20-65 aged, general public, The Netherlands, 1968
FindingCurrent smoking30-69 aged, general population, South Korea 2009
Findingsmoking per day (cigarettes equivalents)31-33 aged, Denmark 1993, born in University Hospital in Copenhagen
Findingsmoking and health31-33 aged, Denmark 1993, born in University Hospital in Copenhagen
Findingsmoking31-33 aged, Denmark 1993, born in University Hospital in Copenhagen
FindingSmoking35-65 aged, general population, Germany, followed 4 years1994-2008
FindingCigarette smoking40-60 aged male employees, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 197?
FindingSmoker6000+ adults, aged 15 to 75, Ukraine
FindingSmokingAdults, general public, 70 countries, mid 1990s
FindingSmokingElderly, Taiwan, folowed 14 years 1989-2003, before and after change health insurance law in 1995
FindingSmoking statusEmployees of a firm, age 35-55, London, United Kingdom, 1985-1990
FindingSmokingFemale, aged 50-69, United Kingdom, 1996-2001
FindingCigarette smokingMedical students, Teheran, Iran, 2011
FindingUse of tobaccoPhysicians, California, USA, 1984
FindingDaily cigarette usePublic highschool boys followed 8 years from grade 10, USA, 1966-74
FindingSmoking habitsRetirees, Southern California, USA, followed 9 months199?
FindingSmokes cigarettesUniversity students, Switzerland, 1998.