Findings on Happiness and subject: Hedonic values)

Correlate as named by investigatorPeople investigated
FindingView on happines as governement's prime objective15+ aged, general public, United Kingdom, 2005
FindingHappiness vs work15+ aged, general public, United Kingdom, 2005
FindingValence of thoughs when answering question on happiness18-79 aged, general public, USA, 2013
FindingValue priorities Being20+ aged, general public, Singapore, 2006
FindingHedonism55+ aged, people in transition, United States, 196?
FindingPrioritizing positivityAged 17-40, undergraduate university students, Canada, 2017
FindingLife of pleasureSchoolteachers, Hongkong, China, 2008
FindingWays to liveUniversity students, USA, 1971
FindingPersonal values_BUniversity students, USA, 1971