Findings on Happiness and subject: Materialisic values)

Correlate as named by investigatorPeople investigated
FindingValue voluntary simplicuty'Back to the land' mini farmers, West USA and Canada,1984
FindingMaterialism10+ aged, middle and high school students, USA
Findingexpression of individualistic values18+ aged, general public, living in Kibbutzim, Israel, 2004
FindingMaterialistic virtues18+ aged, general public, urban areas, Turkey, 2013
Findingmaterialistic versus spiritual values18-88 aged, general public, Denmark, 1993
FindingValue priorities, Having20+ aged, general public, Singapore, 2006
FindingUnfulfilled aspirations: money21+ aged, general public, USA, 1946
Findingmaterialistic/spiritual values31-33 aged, Denmark 1993, born in University Hospital in Copenhagen
FindingAgree that money is importantAdults, China, 2002
FindingMaterialismAdults, Perth, Australia, 1998
FindingMaterialismBusiness students, Singapore, 2000
FindingMaterialismBusiness students, Singapore, 2000
FindingAspirationBusiness students, Singapore, 2000
FindingTotal materialismBusiness students, Singapore, 2000
FindingMaterialism as a personal traitUniversity students, Michigan, USA, 1994
FindingMaterialism as a valueUniversity students, Michigan, USA, 1994