Findings on Happiness and main subject: FRIENDSHIP

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FRIENDSHIP1intimate affiliation, social behavior, inter-personal harmony, social life, marriage (overview of aspects), participation in intimate networks, peers, social involvement, bond with friends, sociability, intimate contacts, micro level , , personal contacts, own contacts, own reception of support, with intimates
See also Social competences
See also Main subject: INTIMACY
See also Intimate relations in vinicity
See also Main subject: LOVE-LIFE
Friendship career 0earlier friendship, earlier intimacy,
Earlier friendships3
Change in friendships2change in friendship, change in intimacy,
History of current friendships1
Later friendships0later friendship, later intimacy,
Current number of friends18contacts with friends/acquaintances,
Number of close friends21having close friends
Number of friends/acquaintances8
Number of 'friends' on social media3online contacts
See also Social media
See also Contact on social media
See also Online friends
See also Social media
Current contacts with friends52
Attendance of parties2
Contact on social media4e-contact
See also Number of 'friends' on social media
See also Perceived social support in e-network
Intimate discussions8
Telephone calls with friends3
Out of school contacts with friends (of pupils)49
See also Current contacts
Visits to friends14
Current friendship network8attitudinal consonance with friends,
See also Characteristics of intimate-network
Friends in community2
See also Social contacts in vinicity
Friends are friends1
Married friends1
Online friends3social network contacts, social media
See also Social media
See also Internet, social media
Perceived inclusion in e-friendship network1belonging, companionship
See also Satisfaction with intimacy
See also Attitudes to personal contacts
Perceiced reputation among e-friends1standing, recognition, popularity
See also Popularity in community
See also Current reputation (social self)
Perceived social support in e-network3
See also Main subject: SOCIAL SUPPORT: RECEIVED
See also Main subject: SOCIAL SUPPORT: PROVIDED
Current characteristics of friends2mood of friends, anxiety of friends, character of friends, friends
Happiness of friends0intimates, peers, similarity happiness
Similarity with friends0
See also Perceived level of happiness of specific social categories
Conflicts with friends3
See also Tensions in relationship
See also Similarity of own values with others
Finding friends1contact
See also Change in personal contacts
Attitudes to friendship9
Concern about friends8
See also Concern about social relations
Perceived reciprocity2mutual, support
See also Perceived social support in e-network
Perceived esteem by friends2status in friendship network, recognition, reputation
See also Perceived popularity
See also Self-perceived reputation
Satisfaction with friends138satisfaction with friend, satisfaction with friends
Trust in friends1
See also Trust in people