Findings on Happiness and main subject: HEALTH: BEHAVIOR

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DescriptionNr of findingsKeywordsReferences
HEALTH: BEHAVIOR1hygiene,, medical consumption, healthy lifestyle
See also Health behavior of parents
See also Main subject: HEALTH: PHYSICAL
Health-behavior career0earlier health-behavior
See also Medical career
Earlier health-behavior2
Change in health-behavior6
Later health-behavior1
Current healthy life-style9hygiene, risk reduction,
Healthy eating21fruits, vegetables
See also Current nutrition
Health inspection3
See also Visits to doctor
Current medical consumption9medicines, medical treatment, drug use
See also Behavior of client
See also Main subject: HEALTH: TREATMENT MEDICAL
Therapy compliance0
See also Frequency of use
Therapy seeking2
Use of medicaments8therapeutical mood-manipulation, own use of stimulants, tranquilizers
See also Psycho-pharmacals
See also Medication
See also Main subject: STIMULANTS
Attitudes to health-maintenance4attitudes to health care
See also Specific concerns
See also Attitudes to own therapies
See also Attitudes to medical treatment
See also Main subject: VALUE DEVELOPMENT
See also General value-principles