Findings on Happiness and main subject: INCOME

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DescriptionNr of findingsKeywordsReferences
INCOME2personal wealth, spending capacity, satisfaction with standard of living, own socio-economic status,
See also Main subject: POSSESSIONS
See also Main subject: SOCIO-ECONOMIC STATUS
Income career1
Earlier income3earlier possessions,
See also Parents income
Earlier level of income16
Earlier sufficiency of income10earlier attitudes to income , earlier attitudes to income
Earlier relative income level1past income
See also Relative income
Earlier satisfaction with income2earlier attitudes to income , earlier attitudes to income
Earlier concern about income1materialism
See also Materialisic values
Change in income6change in attitudes to income , change in possessions
See also Specific life-changes
Change in income level55
See also Income expectations
Change in income sufficiency1change in attitudes to income
Change to better or worse7
Change in source of income8
Change in attitude to income3change in attitudes to income , change in satisfaction with income, change in attitudes to income , change in satisfaction with parts of life, change in satisfaction with income
Attitude to change in income3
See also Concerns about income
Later income3later possessions,
Later level of income11later attitudes to income
See also Income expectations
Later relative income1expected income, future income expectation
See also Earlier relative income level
See also Relative income
Later source of income2
Later satisfaction with income3later attitudes to income , later attitudes to income , later satisfaction, later satisfaction with parts of life
Current income level (unspecified)127level of pay, salary,
See also Inequality of happiness between rich and poor
See also Average income in nation
See also Main subject: POSSESSIONS
Personal income67
Other household member's income1
See also Characteristics of household-members
See also Income of spouse
Household income 404
See also Income of spouse
net income2income, taxes
See also Tax
See also Personal income
See also Household income
disposable income2net income, government transfers
See also Tax
See also Current income level (unspecified)
Negative/Zero income2personal income, household income
Sufficiency of current income33attitudes to income, current undernourishment, satisfaction with financial situation, satisfaction with financial situation, poverty
See also Debts
`objective` poverty23
See also Relative to nation
Subjective poverty26
See also Income expectations
Being able to save2satisfaction with opportunity to save, satisfaction with opportunity to save
See also Relative to income
See also Satisfaction with opportunity to save
See also Savings
Material standard of living7
See also Current possessions
Source of current income12salary,
See also Hourly pay (vs salary)
Own income or not4material dependency, independent position,
See also Current employment status
Main breadwinner2
See also Dependent persons in household
Type of income8remittances
See also Sources of current support
Pension6pension or not,
See also Insurances
See also Main subject: RETIREMENT
Welfare15use of social security benefits, welfare income,
See also Unfit for work
See also Unemployed involuntary
See also Insurances
Workfare0conditional social benefits
Paid work1receives pay,
See also Current employment status
Non-money income from farming2
See also Current involvement in farming
Non-labour income0rents, gifts
Windfall income1irregular income, luck
See also Lottery winning
Relative income60comparative income,
See also Relative level to others
See also Later relative income
See also Income comparisons
See also Life compared with situation of others
See also Income level in vinicity
See also Average income of similar people in nation
See also Relative resources
Relative to family of origin0
See also Inter-generational mobility
Relative to neighborhood14
See also Social homogeneity in vinicity
Relative to nation18
See also Income inequality in nation
Relative to similar people15reference group
Relative to spouse1marital income difference
See also Gender roles
See also Difference in earning
Attitudes to own income10attitudes to income,
Concerns about income12
See also Concern about spending
See also Sufficiency of current income
See also Earlier value-preferences
Aspired income-increase4material goals
See also Object of life-goals
See also Occupational aspirations
Worrying about money9worries about money
See also Kind of problems perceived
See also Specific worries
Income aspirations18
See also Realization of income goals
See also Aspirations for social advancement
Income expectations11
See also Change in attitude to income
See also Expectattions about social advancement
Income comparisons8reference, social comparison
See also Relative income
Satisfaction with income\finances21satisfaction with income, satisfaction with standard of living
See also Realization of income goals
See also Satisfaction with finances in nation
Satisfaction with income66satisfaction with pay
See also Satisfaction with pay
Satisfaction with financial situation120
See also Attitudes to one's possessions
Satisfaction with financial security21
Satisfaction with opportunity to save2
See also Being able to save
Satisfaction with standard of living83
Satisfaction with physical needs met4
Satisfaction with relative income1