Findings on Happiness and main subject: INTELLIGENCE

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INTELLIGENCE0intellectual abilities, mental maturation, cognitive ability, personal mental development, genius, dull, intellectual performance, intelligent, knowledge
See also Main subject: COMPETENCES
See also Main subject: CREATIVENESS
See also Level of school-education
See also Main subject: WISDOM
Development of intelligence (career)0
Earlier intelligence8earlier creativeness,
See also Mental retardation
Change in intelligence1change in creativeness, senility,
See also Change in competences
Later intelligence0later creativeness,
Current general intelligence3mental maturity, mental age
See also Clever
See also Naive
See also Practical
See also School-success
Reputation of intelligence9actual reputation
Self-perceived intelligence4
See also Feeling clear (vs dull, confused)
See also Current self-characterization
Current specific mental abilities4own creativity, intellectual skills,
Emotion recognition2social intelligence, EQ
See also Social competences
Exact ability3
Perceptual performance1cognitive style, perceptual ability,
Field independence4independent personality,
See also Independent
Perceptual rigidity3rigidity,
See also Rigid
Social intelligence0EQ
See also Social competences
See also Empathic
See also Sociable
Sorting ability7
Verbal ability12fluency,
Intelligence defects1geriatric defects, senility,
See also Mental handicap
See also Specific restrictions
See also Restrictions in seeing
Mental retardation3being mongolic, imbecile, mongolism, retardation,
Mental rest-ability2
Attitudes to own intelligence2attitudes to intelligence,