Findings on Happiness and LIFE CHANGE

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Subject codeDescriptionNr of findingsKeywords / References
L05LIFE CHANGE0change in own life, improvement of own condition, experience of novelty, stability, climate of stability, career shift transitions in own life,
See also A07aa02 Change in appearance
See also A08aa02 Change in attitudes
See also B03ab03 Change in body
See also C03aa02 Change in parental status
See also C11aa02 Change in coping
See also C14aa02 Change in participation
See also E01aa02 Change in education
See also E02aa02 Change in employment
See also F01aa02 Recent change in family situation
See also F02ac02 Change in family-climate
See also F03aa02 Change in family-life
See also F05aa02 Change in freedom
See also F06aa02 Change in friendships
See also H01aa02 Change in habits
See also H02aa02 Change in handicap
See also H12aa02 Change in health-behavior
See also H13aa02 Change in mental health
See also H14aa02 Change in physical health
See also H16aa02 Change in psychological treatments
See also H18aa02 Change in helping
See also H22aa02 Change in housing
See also I01aa02 Change in income
See also I01aa02a Change in income level
See also I01aa02b Change in income sufficiency
See also I01aa02d Change in source of income
See also I01aa02e Change in attitude to income
See also I03aa02 Change in intelligence
See also I07aa02 Change in intimacy
See also L01aa02 Change in language
See also L03aa02 Change in leisure
See also L03aa02a Change in leisure activity-level
See also L03aa02b Change in specific leisure activities
See also L04aa02 Change in life-appraisals
See also Main subject: L06 LIFE EVENTS
See also L06aa02 Change in life-event burden
See also Main subject: L07 LIFE GOALS
See also L07aa02 Change in life-goals
See also Main subject: L08 LIFE HISTORY
See also L13ab02e Change of city size
See also L16aa02 Change in residence
See also L19aa02 Change in love-life
See also M01ab Recent change in marital status
See also M03aa02 Change in marriage relationship
See also M04aa02 Change in characteristics of spouse
See also M12ad03 Perceived effects of change in militairy life
See also M15aa02 Recent change in mood-pattern
See also M15aa02a Change in anxiety
See also N01aa02 Change in attitudes to nation
See also N04aa02g Economic growth/decline in nation
See also N06ab Change in nation
See also N10aa02 Change of nationality
See also P03aa02d Change in control orientation
See also P12aa02 Change in possessions
See also R12aa02 Change in religion
See also R13aa02 Change in resources
See also R14aa02 Change in retirement status
See also S01aa02 Change in schooling
See also S01aa02b Change in school-environment
See also S02aa02 Change in self-image
See also S03aa02 Change in sex-life
See also Main subject: S05 SOCIAL MOBILITY
See also S06aa02 Change in personal contacts
See also S06aa02a Change in amount of personal contacts
See also S07aa02 Change in organizational participation
See also S07aa02a Change in amount of organizational participation
See also S08aa02 Change in total social participation
See also S10aa02 Change in support received
See also S12aa02 Change involvement in sports
See also S13aa02 Change in use of stimulants
See also T01aa02 Change in time-behavior
See also V06aa02 Change: recently victimized
See also W01aa02 Change in involvement with war
See also W04aa02 Change in work-conditions
See also W06aa02 Change in work-performance
See also W07aa02 Change in worries
L05aaLife-change career2
See also L06aa Life-event career
See also S15aa02 Summed effects of changes in life
L05aa01Earlier life-change11
L05aa02Change in change-level0change in usual level of life-change ,
L05aa03Later life-change1
L05abCurrent life-change (assessed by follow up)2
See also L06ab Current life-events (past few years)
L05ab01Overall degree of life-change3
L05ab02Specific life-changes17
L05ab02aSexe reassignment0transgender
See also G01ad02 Transgender
See also H17ac03 Gender disphoria: medical sexe reassignment
L05acAttitudes to life-change0
See also L06ac Attitudes to life-events
L05ac01Aspired life-change1hope for life change,
L05ac01aWish to change life10
See also L04ab01 Wished other life
L05ac01bSpecific changes wanted24
See also H19ab Current hope
See also L07ab08 Object of life-goals
L05ac02Expected life-change0
See also H04aa05 Expected change in happiness (period unspecified)
L05ac03Satisfaction with life-change1
See also C11ab04 Coping with specific life-events