Findings on Happiness and main subject: LIFE EVENTS

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DescriptionNr of findingsKeywordsReferences
LIFE EVENTS2catastrophes in personal life, death, major life-events, course of fate, change after specific events, loss, luck, recovery from loss, climate of stability, stressful life-events, trauma, own involvement with war
See also Timelines of life stage transition
See also Pregnant
See also Change in parental status
See also Falling unemployed
See also Deterioration of health, falling ill
See also In mental hospital
See also Main subject: HEALTH: TREATMENT MEDICAL
See also Main subject: LIFE CHANGE
See also Main subject: LIFE HISTORY
See also Main subject: LOTTERY
See also Main subject: LOVE-LIFE
See also Main subject: MIGRATION: TO OTHER COUNTRY
See also Main subject: MIGRATION: MOVING WITHIN COUNTRY (residential mobility)
See also Main subject: MIGRATION: MIGRANT WORK
See also Main subject: PRISON
See also Main subject: RETIREMENT
See also Main subject: SOCIAL MOBILITY
See also Main subject: VICTIM
See also Main subject: WAR
See also Main subject: WORK: CAREER
Life-event career1
See also Main subject: LIFE HISTORY
Earlier life-events32ever suffered hunger, life-burdens, earlier life-event burden,
See also Earlier life-change
Burden of earlier life-events13
Specific earlier life-events16abortion,
See also Birth of children
See also Death of children
Change in life-event burden2
Later life-events0later life-event burden,
Current life-events (past few years)6
See also Current life-change (assessed by follow up)
Burden of current life-events6burdens, life-burdens, life strain, stress
Major life-change or not3
See also Current life-change (assessed by follow up)
Summed life-events: equal weight5
Summed life-events: standard weights6
Summed life-events: weighted in context1
Sum of negative life-events8
Sum of positive life-events5
Balance of negative- and positive life-events13
Sum of negative events: weighed in context0
See also Main subject: PERSONALITY: HISTORY
Sum of positive events: weighed in context0
Specific current life-events10recent happenings
See also Current victim status
Death of an intimate14bereavement
See also Death of children
See also Recent widowhood
Major financial change0
Injury/illness to intimate0
Injury/illness to oneself0
Oneself or an intimate in jail0
Attitudes to life-events3
Expected life-events0
Satisfaction with expected life-events1optimism
See also Aspect judgements of one's life as a whole
Climate of change2