Findings on Happiness and main subject: LIFE GOALS

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DescriptionNr of findingsKeywordsReferences
LIFE GOALS4specific ambitions, desires, goal, own hope, personal striving, intentions, motivation, object of needs, goals, aspired success, existential tasks
See also Main subject: HOPE
See also Main subject: MOTIVATION
See also Main subject: PROBLEMS
See also Main subject: WORRIES
Life-goal career0planning career,
See also Motivation career
Earlier life-goals0earlier values,
See also Main subject: LANGUAGE
See also Attitudes to earlier life-goals
Presence of earlier goals (life-planning)0
Object of earlier goals6earlier preference for being a house-wife
Acceptance of earlier life-goals0
See also Agreement with parents
Realization of earlier goals2
Authenticity of earlier goals2
See also Authenticity of goals
Change in life-goals2
See also Goal setting training
Later life-goals1later values, of aspirations
See also Later motivation
Later perceived realization of goals0
See also Main subject: HAPPINESS: SEQUALE
See also Perceived realization of life-goals
Current life-goals1own aspirations, orientation on the future,
See also Current motivation
Having goals or not (life-planning)1planning
See also Planning mindedness
Authenticity of goals3
See also Psychic competences
See also Authenticity of earlier goals
See also Genuine
Clarity of life-goals2
See also Psychic competences
Conflict among life goals1contradicting goals
See also Personality integration
See also Consonance of values
Diversity of lifegoals0
See also Diversity of values
Involvement in life-goals4
Motivation behind life goals1drives, reasons
See also Current motivation
Object of life-goals13specific aspirations, object of goals, pleasure seeking, interests, materialistic aspirations, motivational pattern, own mobility
See also Main subject: HOPE
See also Main subject: VALUE DEVELOPMENT
See also Main subject: VALUES: CURRENT PREFERENCES (own)
Self improvement1self actualization, development, strenghtening
See also Wish to change life
See also Aspired personality change
See also Ideal self
Organization of life-goals (life-goal set)1motivational pattern, diversity of life-goals,
See also Value set
Realization of lifegoals0value realization,
See also Realization of earlier goals
Actual realization of lifegoals22
See also Main subject: VALUE DEVELOPMENT
Perceived realization of life-goals12realization of ambitions, realization of goals, satisfaction with self, perceived success,
See also Contentment
See also Life compared with one's wants
Perceived chances for realization8
Perceived realization of life-goal set7
See also Contentment
Perceived realization of specific life-goals10
Children as planned3income
See also Number of children as planned
Realization of employment goals3
See also Compulsory retirement (vs free choice)
Realization of educational goals4
See also Satisfaction with education
Realization of participation goals1
See also Attitudes to personal contacts
See also Attitudes to organizational participation
See also Attitudes to total social participation
Realization of income goals1
See also Income aspirations
See also Satisfaction with income\finances
Satisfaction with goal-achievement4
See also Successful (vs failure)
Attitudes to own life-goals3attitudes to own aspirations, attitudes to life-goals,
Attitudes to earlier life-goals1
Attitudes to current life-goals5
See also Attitudes to ones motivation
Acceptance of one's life-goals by others2
See also Agreement with parents
See also Social acceptance of own values