Findings on Happiness and main subject: LOCAL: GEOGRAPHY

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DescriptionNr of findingsKeywordsReferences
See also Main subject: NATION: GEOGRAPHY
See also Main subject: REGION: POSITION
Development of local geographic conditions1
Earlier community size3rural/urban upbringing
See also Rural upbringing
See also Community size
Change community size1residential mobility
See also Specific life-changes
Current local geographical conditions2
See also Current geographical conditions in nation
Build environment0architecture
Planned community2planned neighborhood, presumed livability of neighborhood, planning of neighborhood
Community size77in local environment, out-centric living, rural dwelling, size of town, urban living
See also Population density in vinicity
See also Attitude to urban life
See also Urbanization of region
Open country vs village11
Rural vs urban dwelling97lives in rural area,
See also Rural upbringing
Sub-urban vs urban7
Size of urban setting12
Change of city size2shrinking city, city growth, population growth decline
See also Population growth in nation
Local environmental quality5pollution, noise, air quality
See also Environmental quality
Actual quality of local environment3
Local noise1
Local pollution8
See also Environmental quality
Local trafic density1
Local nature17
See also Time spend in nature
Local physical climate1weather
See also Main subject: DISASTER
See also Climate
Humidity2dry, rain, wet
Temperature1hot, cold
Wind1storm, windy
Sunshine1hours of sunshine
See also Temperature
Remoteness8polulation density, isolation
See also Population density in vinicity
See also Community size
Attitudes to local geographical conditions4
See also Attitudes to geographical conditions in nation
Attitudes to local build envirinment1
Attitude to local natural environment17beauty of living environment, satisfaction with natural environment,
See also Satisfaction with natural environment
Attitude to local climate5satisfaction with climate, satisfaction with local climate, satisfaction with the weather
Attitudes to quality of local environment6
Perceived beauty of city0architectual attractiveness, glamour, picturesque
Attitude to urban life4attitudes to rural living,
See also Community size