Findings on Happiness and main subject: MARRIAGE: RELATIONSHIP

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MARRIAGE: RELATIONSHIP0intimate affiliation, attitudes to meaning, marital behavior, marriage, characteristics of the bond, bond with spouse, family of procreation, micro level , own reception of support, success in marriage, with intimates, emancipation in marriage
See also Main subject: INTIMACY
See also Main subject: LOTTERY
See also Main subject: SEX-LIFE
Relationship career1marital career,
Earlier marriage relationship(s)3earlier relationship, involved in feuds
See also Ever remarried
Characteristics of earlier marriage-relationship(s)6
Satisfaction with earlier marriage-relationship(s)2earlier attitudes to marriage , earlier satisfaction with marriage, earlier attitudes to marriage , earlier satisfaction with marriage
See also Satisfaction with marriage
Change in marriage relationship1change in relationship
See also Family-marriage therapy
Change in characteristics of marriage0
Change in satisfaction with marriage6change in attitudes to marriage , change in attitudes to marriage , change in satisfaction with parts of life
See also Satisfaction with marriage
History of current marriage1
Earlier characteristics of current marriage-relationship2
Earlier satisfaction with current marriage-relationship2
See also Satisfaction with marriage
Length of current marriage5
Age of marriage with current partner2
Later marriage0later relationship
Characteristics of later marriage-relationship(s)1
Satisfaction with later marriage-relationship(s)1later attitudes to marriage , later satisfaction with marriage, later attitudes to marriage , later satisfaction, later satisfaction with parts of life, later satisfaction with marriage
See also Satisfaction with marriage
Later satisfaction with current marriage2
Current characteristics of marriage-relationship3adjustment to marriage, relations with spouse, contacts with spouse, jealousy in marriage
Heterogeneity of marriage-partners5age-difference with spouse, homogeneity of marriage
Difference in age1
See also Gender roles
Difference in earning1income inequality
See also Gender roles
See also Relative income
Intimacy with spouse3intimacy in family,
See also Main subject: INTIMACY
Monogamy of relationship0monogamy, polygamy,
Polygamous marriage (vs monogamous)3married to more than one partner (polygamy),
See also Position in polygamous marriage
Conjugal fidelity2promiscuity,
See also Sexual promiscuity
Mutual support1
See also Support by spouse
See also Main subject: SOCIAL SUPPORT: RECEIVED
See also Main subject: SOCIAL SUPPORT: PROVIDED
Shared activities13time spend with spouse,
See also Specific leisure activities
See also Work-life balance
Tensions in relationship11
See also Earlier characteristics of current marriage-relationship
Position in polygamous marriage1
See also Own position in household
See also Polygamous marriage (vs monogamous)
Community of property1
See also Main subject: POSSESSIONS
Living with spouse4co-habitation, living apart together LAT, distance marriage
See also Current household-composition
Attitudes to current marriage-relationship6adjustment to marriage, attitudes to marriage relationship, relations with spouse, attitudes to own marriage-relationship
Concern about marriage relationship3
See also Problems with family\marriage
See also Specific worries
Self-perceived adequacy in marriage1
See also Self-perceived ability
Satisfaction with marriage103marriage
See also Satisfaction with earlier marriage-relationship(s)
See also Satisfaction with later marriage-relationship(s)
Satisfaction with joint activities0
See also Current joys