Findings on Happiness and main subject: MARRIAGE: PARTNER

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DescriptionNr of findingsKeywordsReferences
MARRIAGE: PARTNER0intimate affiliation, marriage, characteristics of spouse, characteristics of spouse, mate, characteristics of partner, family of procreation, micro level , own reception of support, with intimates
Spouse career0marital career,
Earlier characteristics of spouse0earlier spouse
Change in characteristics of spouse2change in spouse, change in therapy
Later characteristics of spouse0later spouse, later therapy
Current characteristics of spouse5assertiveness of intimates, intelligence of spouse
Health of spouse3health of intimates, infertility of spouse,
Mental health of spouse3mental health of parents
Physical health of spouse2health of intimates,
weight of spouse1BMI, obese, overweight, underweight
See also Body Mass Index (BMI)
Personality of spouse3mood of spouse, character of spouse, maturation of intimates, spouse
Social position of spouse2social status of spouse
Education of spouse3schooling of spouse
See also Main subject: EDUCATION
Employment of spouse11employment of intimates, employment of spouse, wife works, working of family members
See also Main subject: EMPLOYMENT
See also Full-time home maker
Income of spouse6
See also Other household member's income
See also Household income
Occupation of spouse4
See also Main subject: OCCUPATION
Social status of spouse6
See also Main subject: SOCIO-ECONOMIC STATUS
See also Status consistency
Spouse is a migrant0spouse is migrant , spouse is migrant
See also Heterogeneity of marriage-partners
Work conditions of spouse8
Current behaviors of spouse1habits of intimates,
See also Personality of spouse
Support by spouse9
See also Mutual support
See also Sources of current support
Work hours of spouce3free time, working wife
See also Socializing
See also Work hours
Current attitudes of spouse0attitudinal consonance with spouse, change in physical health , problems of intimates
Happiness of spouse5happiness of intimates, happiness of ones spouse
See also Happiness of spouse
See also Rating of happiness by spouse
Own attitudes to spouse6attitudes to health care, attitude to marriage partner, attitudes to spouse
See also Main subject: LOVE-LIFE
See also Satisfaction with marriage
Similarity with spouse1