Findings on Happiness and main subject: HEALTH: TREATMENT MEDICAL

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DescriptionNr of findingsKeywordsReferences
See also Medical services
See also Medical history of parents
See also Current medical consumption
See also Health management training (rehabilitation)
See also Insurances
Medical career1earlier therapy,
Earlier medical treatment11
See also Medical treatment of mother during pregnancy
See also Medical treatment in 1st year of life
See also Succes of medical treatment
Earlier abortion2pregnancy
See also Mother's earlier abortions
Earlier health inspection2check
See also Physical condition in 1st year of life
Earlier hospitalization2intra-mural
See also Hospitalization
See also In hospital
Earlier inoculations8preventive injection, vaccination
See also Medication
Earlier anesthesia2
See also Surgery
Earlier sexe reassignment3gender dysphoria treatment, transgender, transsexual
See also Transgender
See also Self perceived gender identity
Change in medical treatment1
History of current treatment4
Later medical treatment0later treatment
See also Main subject: HAPPINESS: SEQUALE
Currently in treatment or not10
See also Current positive mental health
Visits to doctor11doctor visits ,
In hospital4hospitalization,
See also In hospital
See also Setting of medical treatment
Illness treated5aflliction, disease
See also Current medical consumption
Breating problems2short of breath
Eye problems1visuel limitations
See also Restrictions in seeing
See also Glaucoma (h40-42)
Gender disphoria: medical sexe reassignment2cross-sexe, sex change, sex reassignment, transgender, transsexual, surgery
See also Transgender
See also Self perceived gender identity
Kind of sexe reassiognment0transgender
See also Transgender
See also Earlier sexe reassignment
female to male, male to female3
Full or partial sexe reassignment1
Phase of sexe reassignment5treatment
See also Earlier sexe reassignment
Technique of sexe reassignment2hominal, surgical
See also Medication
See also Surgery
See also Neoplasms (cancer) (c00-d48)
See also Diseases of respiratory system (j00-99)
Heart disease5
See also Diseases of circulatory system (i00-99)
Hypertension1blood pressure
See also Hypertensive diseases (i10-15)
See also Female infertility (n97)
Renal failure5Kidney
See also Renal failure (n17-19)
See also Haemodialysis
See also Tetraplegia
Number of illnesses treated1multi morbidity
See also Number of health complaints
Setting of medical treatment8general practitioner, hospital, poli-clinic
See also In hospital
See also Living in a home for handicapped
See also Living in a nursing home
Technique(s) of medical treatment3therapy
Alternative treatment3non=regulat
See also Alternative life style
Chemo therapy1
See also Medication
Dietary treatment1eating, nutritctients
See also Change in nutrition
See also What one eats
See also Renal failure (n17-19)
See also Renal failure
Health education1icare, nstruction
See also Psycho-pharmacals
See also Enlightenment about happiness
Intensive care1
See also Current functional health
Medication15drugs, pharmacological
See also Use of medicaments
Organ transplantation3
Organ donation0specific risks
Consent with donation after death0
Actual donation of organ during life1
Organ reception0
See also Renal failure (n17-19)
See also Surgery
Want for organ transplantation1
Actual transplantation9
Palliative care1management of fatigue, nausea, pain
See also Main subject: HEALTH: PHYSICAL
See also Stage of disease
See also Symptoms of bad health
See also Diseases of the musculoskeletal system
Radio therapy1
See also Recovery from disease
See also Earlier anesthesia
See also Organ transplantation
Ventilator assistance2breath support
See also Main subject: HEALTH: PHYSICAL
See also Breating problems
Succes of medical treatment6medical effectiveness, healing, recovery
See also Succes of psychological treatment
See also Earlier medical treatment
Therapeutic behaviour0
Behavior of patients0
See also Main subject: HEALTH: BEHAVIOR
Seeking medical treatment0
Behavior of therapist0
See also Behavior of therapist
Attitudes to medical treatment3satisfaction with medical treatment
Attitudes to organ-transplantation1
Attitudes to organ-donation4
Attitudes to organ-reception1
Satisfaction with medical treatment0patient satisfaction
Satisfaction with sex-reassignment0transsexual,
See also Gender disphoria: medical sexe reassignment
See also Succes of medical treatment
Satisfaction with health-services14satisfaction with psycho-therapeutic treatment, local medical services
See also Satisfaction with medical services in vinicity
Trust in medical professionals6
See also Current healthy life-style
See also Conceptions of illness and healing