Findings on Happiness and main subject: MIGRATION: TO OTHER COUNTRY

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DescriptionNr of findingsKeywordsReferences
MIGRATION: TO OTHER COUNTRY0home land, residential mobility, definitive inter-national migration (emigration), migration
See also Main subject: ETHNICITY
See also Ethnic diversity in vinicity
Migration career1own ethnic status, , events in dwelling
See also Ethnic status in specific nations
Ever migrated or not45
Time since migration23
Migration generation15parents are migrants
See also Socio-cultural background (earlier for adults, current for young)
Migration at young age3Children of migrants
See also Migration of parents
Country of origin6Country
Country of settlement3
Recent migration4earlier moving
See also Earlier life-events
Later migration1
Current involvement in migration0moving
See also Current life-events (past few years)
Migration conditions1
See also Perceived discrimination in nation
Adjustment to new country of settlement5assimilation,
See also Trend happiness in migrants
Attitudes to own migration0attitudes to move to other country
Likelihood to migrate0later nationality, later moving
Aspirations for migration4
See also Object of life-goals
Satisfaction with migration0satisfaction with nation
See also Attitudes to one's own ethnic status
Difference in happiness of migrants with people in home country1gain, loss
Difference in happiness of migrants with people in host country1
Migration of intimates3people left behind
migration of intimates yes/no5
number of imtimates migrated1
Reason for migration0refugee, voluntary