Findings on Happiness and MODERNITY

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Subject codeDescriptionNr of findingsKeywords / References
M14MODERNITY0personal literacy, rationality, social development,
See also L01ab01 Number of languages spoken
See also L09ab02c International life style
See also N14ab04 Modernity of nation
M14aaModernity career0
M14aa01Earlier modernity0earlier modernity of attitudes , earlier modernity of attitudes
See also Main subject: P02 PERSONALITY: HISTORY
M14aa02Change in modernity0change in modernity of attitudes , change in modernity of attitudes
M14aa03Later modernity0later modernity of attitudes , later modernity of attitudes
M14abCurrent modernity3modernization
M14ab01Modern attitudes3universalism (vs particularism),
See also Main subject: E01 EDUCATION
See also V02ac01 Modern value pattern
M14ab02Modern behavior56
See also Main subject: I04 INTERNET
M14acAttitudes to modernity0