Findings on Happiness and main subject: MOOD

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DescriptionNr of findingsKeywordsReferences
MOOD2pleasure in life, laughing,
See also Main subject: AFFECTIVE LIFE
Mood career0earlier affect-life, earlier moods , change in affect-life,
See also Main subject: HAPPINESS: CAREER
See also Main subject: PERSONALITY: HISTORY
Earlier mood-pattern4
Recent change in mood-pattern1change in moods ,
Change in anxiety1anxiety career,
See also Feeling secure (vs threatened)
See also Earlier anxiety
See also Anxious
Later mood-pattern5later affect-life, later moods ,
Current mood of the moment9
Mood during the interview10
Mood during the day of interview 4
Yesterday's mood4
Current typical moods14current moods,
Feeling angry (vs friendly)1
See also Main subject: AGGRESSION
See also Aggressive, angry
See also Blaming
See also Irritable
Feeling bored (vs interested)1
Feeling clear (vs dull, confused)8confused,
See also Self-perceived creativeness
See also Current general intelligence
Feeling cheerful (vs gloomy)11hedonic level of affect, psychological depression, feeling joyful, depressive, pleasant affect
See also Hedonic tone in affect
See also Hedonic level of affect
Feeling elated (vs not)5current mood,
See also Intensity of affects
Feeling down (vs not)27melancholy, pessimistic, sadness,
See also Depressive (f31-33)
Feeling hopeless (vs not)6melancholy, mood optimistic, pessimism
See also Main subject: HOPE
See also Positive reacting
See also Resigned
Feeling satisfied (vs dissatisfied)6satisfied,
Feeling disgusted1
Feeling close (vs remote)7sense of belonging, sociable personality, own participation, distant, tendency to feel close to others, feeling sociable
See also Current intimate relationships
Feeling lonely (vs not)26feeling lonely, lonely,
See also Perceived sufficiency of intimate contacts
See also Sense of belonginness at school
Feeling love (vs not)5loving,
See also Mood in intimacy
Feeling sociable (vs withdrawn)7
See also Feeling involved (vs detached)
Feeling understood (vs not)2
See also Perceived quality of intimate ties
Feeling energetic (vs lethargic, tired)26general activity level, feeling energetic , fatigue, feeling passive, energetic, tense, feeling vital ,
See also Main subject: ACTIVITY (how much one does)
See also Speedy, hurried
See also Vigorous
See also Zestful
Feeling excited2
Feeling free (vs restrained)4free (vs restricted)
See also Amount of restrictions perceived
Feeling free from inner restraints5not vulnerable
See also Inhibited
Feeling free from external restraints3(subjective freedom),
See also Inner locus of control
Feeling friendly (vs hostile)11aggressive tendencies, disposition to hostility, rejection of others, feeling sociable
See also Aggressive, angry
See also Kind
Feeling full (vs empty)6feeling vital ,
See also Interesting (vs boring)
Feeling open (vs closed)0feeling sociable, feeling vital ,
See also Extraverted
See also Open
Feeling involved (vs detached)5feeling bored, own participation
See also Sociable
See also Solidary, cooperative
See also Sense of belonginness at school
Feeling receptive4
See also Self-centered
Feeling interested3
See also Current interests
See also Interested
See also Intrinsically motivated
Feeling enthusiastic1
Feeling secure (vs threatened)19current anxiety, feeling anxious, inferiority, safety, perceived safety, feelings of security, psychological reactions
See also Change in anxiety
See also Anxious
Feeling self-confident (vs inadequate)20inferiority, feeling vital ,
See also Self-confidant
See also Self confidence
Feeling proud3
Feeling morally good (vs guilty)7clear conscience,
See also Anxious
See also Guilty
See also Satisfaction with own morality
Feeling respectable (vs rejected)3
See also Mood when respected
See also Self respect
See also Self-perceived reputation
Feeling tranquil (vs restless)23intra-personal harmony, restless mood, restlessness, speedy personality, psychological reactions, tense
See also Blaming
Feeling zestful (vs un-inspirited)0feeling energetic , feeling passive, feeling vital , zest,
See also Zestful
Mood in situations7
Mood during festivities7celebration, party, ritual
See also Leisure
See also Enjoyment of sports events
Mood at home3satisfaction with family life,
See also Attitudes to family of origin
See also Satisfaction with family
See also Time spend at home
Mood when helping1altruism
See also Voluntary work, helping people
See also Satisfaction with helping
Mood during leisure4satisfaction with leisure,
See also Satisfaction with leisure
Mood in intimacy9affection, love
See also Socializing
See also Satisfaction with intimacy
Mood when laughing2
Mood when respected13
See also Satisfaction with social recognition
Mood at school46
See also Attitudes to school
Mood during work4
See also Feeling well at work