Findings on Happiness and main subject: ERA (temporal period)

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ERA (temporal period)9change in society, earlier condition of the nation, change in nation's condition, later condition of the nation, socio-historic era, practices in society, tread of war
See also Main subject: HAPPINESS: CAREER
Happiness in era0
Average happiness in era1time trend
See also Main subject: NATION: NATIONALITY
Trend average happiness in era7time trend
Trend in general public14
Trend average happiness in cities/regions7improvement
See also Region in Netherlands
Trend happiness in nations0
Trend happiness in Australia6
See also Ethnic status in Australia
Trend happiness in Belarus1White Russia
Trend happiness in China4
See also Ethnic status in China
Trend happiness in European Union9EU
Trend happiness in Germany3
See also Ethnic status in Germany
Trend happiness in Hungary1
Trend happiness in Japan2
Trend happiness in the Netherlands2Holland
See also Ethnic status in the Netherlands
Trend happiness in Russia2Sovjet Union, USSR
Trend happiness in Slovenia1
Trend happiness in South Africa0
See also Ethnic status in South Africa
Trend happiness in Turkey1
Trend Happiness in Ukraine1
Trend happiness in United Kingdom1Britain, UK
Trend happiness in Unites States of America8USA
Trend in special publics5
See also Time trend of happiness in age categories
See also Time trend of happiness in males and females
Trend happiness in age groups13
See also Current age (in years)
Trend happiness in males /females6
See also Sex (male vs female)
Trend happiness in educational groups4
See also Level of school-education
Trend happiness in employment categories9self employed, unumployed, working
See also Current employment status
Trend happiness in full-time, part-time jobs1employment, job
See also Full-time vs part-time
Trend happiness among home-owners1renter
See also House owned or rented
Trend happiness in households2
See also Main subject: HOUSEHOLD: COMPOSITION
Trend happiness in housewives0
See also Full-time home maker
See also Kind of occupation (profession)
Trend happiness in income groups7income bracket, poor, rich
See also Main subject: SOCIO-ECONOMIC STATUS
Trend happiness marrital categories7married, single divorced, widowed
See also Married state (compared to non-married states)
Trend happiness in migrants3integration of migrants
See also Adjustment to new country of settlement
Trend happiness in parents2
See also Current parental status
Trend happiness among patients1health. Illness
See also Global health rating
Trend happiness in retired0
See also Current status: retired or not
Trend happiness in top sporters1
See also Skilledness in sports
Trend happiness in urban/rural dwellers5city, town, village, country side
See also Rural vs urban dwelling
Inequality of happiness in era0
Trend inequality of happiness in era5
Happy life years in era0
Trend happy life years2
Correlates of Happiness0association, relation
Trend behavioral correlates of happiness5
Trend environmental correlates of happiness2
Major events in era1
See also Change GDP in nation: economic growth/decline
See also Unemployment in nation
See also Civil war in nation
See also Main subject: WAR
Attitudes to era0
Season1months, time of year
See also Month of the year
See also Climate