Findings on Happiness and main subject: PERSONALITY: HISTORY

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PERSONALITY: HISTORY0earlier habits , earlier moods , earlier personality, mental maturity, personality, earlier personality
See also Stage of life
Earlier personality organization3
Earlier personality traits5own infancy,
See also Later personality traits
Earlier ambitiousness1achievevement
See also Ambitious
Earlier tendency to agree1approval
See also Agreeing, yea-saying
Earlier anxiety1anxiety career,
See also Anxious
Earlier assertiveness1
See also Assertive
See also Independent
Earlier approval seeking1
See also Approval seeking
Earlier cleverness1
See also Clever
Earlier conscientiousness1
See also Conscientious
Earlier sense of coherence1
See also Personality integration
See also Coherence (sense of)
Earlier efficacy0productive
See also Earlier coping
See also Efficacious, productive
Earlier emotionality1expressive behavior, emotionality, impulsiveness,
See also Emotional
Earlier fail-anxiety1
See also Fail anxious
See also Later fail-anxiousness
Earlier extraversion1
See also Extraverted
Earlier genuiness0
See also Genuine
Earlier independence2independent personality, dependant personality, independent personality, independent personality, independent personality, self-determination
See also Independent
Earlier inhibition1
See also Inhibited
Earlier inner-control9sense of non-control, external control belief, goal-directedness, external control belief, internal control belief, attitudes to luck, external controlled, external locus of control, self-control
See also Inner locus of control
See also Later locus of control
Earlier neurotocism1
See also Neurotic (f48)
See also Neurotic
Earlier openness0expressive behavior, open personality,
See also Open
Earlier optimism1hopes for the future, attitudes to luck, optimism career, optimism,
See also Optimistic
Earlier persistence3perseverance,
See also Persistent
Earlier positive thinking2tendency to react positively,
See also Positive reacting
Earlier resignation1resigned personality, resigned personality, tendency to resign
See also Resigned
Earlier need for self-actualization2need for self-actualization
See also Self-actualization (need for)
See also Later need for self-actualisation
Earlier self-confidence7self-confident personality, self-confidence, self-confidence, independent personality, optimism career, self-confident personality, current self-confidence
See also Self-confidant
See also Later self-confidence
Earlier self-disclosing2self-disclosure, tendency to self-disclosure,
See also Self-disclosing
Earlier sociability1
See also Sociable
Earlier hurriedness1speedy personality, speedy personality,
See also Speedy, hurried
Earlier stability1
See also Stable
Earlier tolerance1tolerant personality, tolerant personality, tolerant personality
See also Later tolerance
Earlier trusting2attitude to honesty of others, attitudes to personality of others, trusting personality,
See also Trusting
See also Later trusting
See also Trust career
Earlier vigor1vigor, own trust
See also Vigorous