Findings on Happiness and main subject: PERSONALITY: LATER

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DescriptionNr of findingsKeywordsReferences
PERSONALITY: LATER4later habits , later moods , later personality, personality, later personality , physical health
See also Later motivation
Later personality organization0
Later personality traits1
Later cleverness1
See also Earlier cleverness
See also Clever
Later fail-anxiousness1
See also Earlier fail-anxiety
See also Fail anxious
Later locus of control1sense of non-control, external control belief, external control belief, external controlled
See also Earlier inner-control
See also Inner locus of control
Later kindness1
See also Kind
Later openness 2open personality, self-disclosure,
See also Open
Later need for self-actualisation4
See also Earlier need for self-actualization
See also Self-actualization (need for)
Later self-confidence1
See also Earlier self-confidence
See also Self-confidant
Later self-disclosure1tendency to self-disclosure,
See also Self-disclosing
Later tenseness1
See also Tense
Later tolerance1tolerant personality, tolerant personality, tolerant personality
See also Earlier tolerance
Later trusting1own trust, attitude to honesty of others, attitudes to personality of others, trusting personality
See also Earlier trusting
See also Trusting
See also Trust career
Later personality development2psychological maturity, developmental stage, mental maturity, mental age, mental growth, stage of motivational development, degree of self-actualization, stage of personal development