Findings on Happiness and main subject: POLITICAL BEHAVIOUR

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DescriptionNr of findingsKeywordsReferences
POLITICAL BEHAVIOUR0attitudes to leadership, political behavior, democratic behavior, ideological orientation, government,
See also Main subject: NATION: POLITICS
Behavioral career0
Earlier political behavior5earlier attitudes to politics, earlier attitudes to politics
Change in political behavior0change in attitudes to politics, change in attitudes to politics
Later political behavior4later attitudes to politics, later attitudes to politics
Current political behavior1party preference
Political concern69concern about politics,
See also Specific concerns
See also Current interests
Political participation 22participation in public spheres, , access to power, political involvement, participation in politics, social involvement, , societal involvement
Participation in demonstrations1
See also Post-materialic values
Membership of political organizations6
See also Membership of voluntary organizations
See also union member
Current right to vote28
Current political (party) preference18political conservatism, political preference,
See also Main subject: ATTITUDES
See also Political values
Preference for: left vs right wing14
Preference for: center vs extremes2conventional attitudes, critical attitudes, deviant attitudes,
Attitudes to basic political issues6attitudes to political issues, political conservatism, acceptance of social in-equality, political preference
See also Political values
Social inequality: more vs less differences14preference for equal chances
Social reform: radical reform vs consolidation14
See also Conservating
Configuration of orientations to inequality and social reform12
Attitudes to specific political issues12attitudes to political issues, political preference
See also Attitudes to local political issues
Attitudes to ethnic discrimination3own attitudes to discrimination,
See also Attitudes to ethnic relations in nation
Attitudes to political system5sense of estrangement, acceptance of political system, attitudes to social order, acceptance of social order, own acceptance of social order, satisfaction with society, attitudes to government, rejection of society, satisfaction with state, attitudes to society
See also Main subject: AUTHORITARIANISM
Attitudes to government12satisfaction with government,
Attitudes to national government14national government
See also Attitudes to the state in nation
Attitudes to local government9satisfaction with government services, local government
See also Attitudes to local government
Attitudes to government accomplishments5government services
Attitudes to state-services4
Attitudes to environmental protection6attitudes
Attitudes to public security0public security
See also Safety in vinicity
See also Crime on nation
Attitudes to social security4social security, attitudes to social policy, satisfaction with social security
Attitudes to public health care2
Attitudes to democracy10
See also Political democracy in nation
Attitudes to political groups (parties, unions)1
Perceived political control7political authoritarianism, in society, powerless
See also Inner locus of control
Overall satisfaction with politics2satisfaction with politics