Findings on Happiness and main subject: RELIGION

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DescriptionNr of findingsKeywordsReferences
RELIGION1belief, chapel, church, creed, cult, doctrine, god, holy,ideology, morality, religious, sect, spirituality, mosk, temple, theology
See also Main subject: ETHNICITY
See also Religion in nation
See also Main subject: VALUE DEVELOPMENT
See also Main subject: VALUES: CURRENT PREFERENCES (own)
Religious career0
Earlier religion5
See also Religious upbringing
Change in religion12religious dropout,
Later religion0
Current religious beliefs24attitudes to religion, moral convictions, religious dogmatism, own faith
See also Main subject: VALUES: CURRENT PREFERENCES (own)
Religious (vs not)45athist, believer, pious, unreligious, worship
Religiosity (degree)4pious
See also Religiousness of parents
Characteristics of belief-system0
Christian orthodoxy7canonical, doctrinal, conservative, traditional, calvinist
Religious individualism1
Specific beliefs6
Belief in higher power0
Belief in god11deity, divinity, Jahweh, Allah, Jehovah, spirit, super natural
Belief in apocalypse1catastrophe, destruction, disaster, end of world, extinction, obliteration
See also Apocalyptic worries
Current religious denomination59
See also Ethnic status in specific nations
See also Share of particular denominations
Current religious practices20religious behavior, meditation, veneration, worship
Church-member or not53
See also Membership of voluntary organizations
Participation in church81church going, worship
See also Attendance to meetings
See also Current coping-style
Living in a convent1
See also Main subject: INSTITUTIONAL LIVING
Current religious experiences4religious top-experience,
Has spiritual experiences0
See also Main subject: AFFECTIVE LIFE
See also Ever had extra-ordinary states of conciousness
Attitudes to religion15
Concern about religion16
See also Main subject: CONCERNS
See also Main subject: INTERESTS
Self-definition as religious75
See also Current self-characterization
Satisfaction with religion32church, spirituality
Satisfaction with spiritual life30
Climate of religion0
Religious climate in family1
See also Religious upbringing
Religious climate in congregation0
See also Characteristics of institution
Religious climate in society5
See also Religion in nation
See also Value climate in the nation
Social acceptance of one's religion2
See also Social homogeneity in vinicity