Findings on Happiness and main subject: RETIREMENT

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DescriptionNr of findingsKeywordsReferences
RETIREMENT0phase of life, stage in occupational career, work status,
See also Stage of life
See also Role loss
Retirement career3
Pre-retirement conditions2earlier retirement , earlier employment
Earlier attitudes to retirement5
Change in retirement status14change in retirement state, change in employment
Time since retirement6loss of work
See also Current life-events (past few years)
Later retirement1later employment
Current status: retired or not98retired, retired, retired or not
See also Not in labour force
Activities in retirement1
See also Main subject: ACTIVITY (how much one does)
See also Main subject: ACTIVITY: PATTERN (what one does)
Post-retirement job2
See also Main subject: EMPLOYMENT
See also Attitudes to one's occupation
Adjustment to retirement3getting used to
See also Main subject: COPING
Conditions of retirement1
Sudden retirement (vs gradual)2
Compulsory retirement (vs free choice)6
See also Perceived realization of life-goals
Full retirement (vs partial)1retired, part-time work of retirees,
See also Size of current job
Planned retirement (vs unexpected)2
See also Perceived realization of life-goals
Age at retirement2
See also Main subject: AGE
Early retirement2
Reasons for retirement0
heath reasons1invalidity
See also Current functional health
Attitudes to retirement13adjustment to retirement,
Self-definition in terms of earlier job2
See also Current self-characterization
Satisfaction with retirement3