Findings on Happiness and ROLES

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Subject codeDescriptionNr of findingsKeywords / References
R15ROLES0own activities, role behavior, group-memberships, personal contacts, own participation, social involvement, intimate affiliations, own integration, own contacts, own participation
See also Main subject: L02 LEADERSHIP
See also Main subject: L09 LIFE STYLE
R15aaRole career0
R15aa01Earlier roles1
See also Main subject: L08 LIFE HISTORY
R15aa02Change in roles0
See also Main subject: L06 LIFE EVENTS
R15aa02aRole loss1loss of roles
See also C03aa02c Leaving home of children (empty nest)
See also Main subject: R14 RETIREMENT
R15aa02bNew roles1
See also C03aa02b Birth of children
R15aa03Later roles1
R15abCurrent roles2
R15ab01Current number of roles5
See also Main subject: A01 ACTIVITY (how much one does)
R15ab02Characteristics of current role-set0
R15ab02aRole ambiguity1
R15ab02bRole conflict4attitude to roles,
R15ab02cRole number2multiple roles
See also W05ag Perceived conflict between work and home life
R15ab02dRole stress1attitude to roles,
R15ab03Specific roles0
R15ab03aFamily roles4
See also C01ab Grand-children
See also Main subject: C03 CHILDREN: HAVING (parental status)
See also G01ab Gender roles
R15ab03bWork roles3
See also Main subject: E02 EMPLOYMENT
See also Main subject: O01 OCCUPATION
R15acAttitudes to own roles5attitude to roles,
See also R15ab02b Role conflict
See also R15ab02d Role stress