Findings on Happiness and main subject: SCHOOL

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DescriptionNr of findingsKeywordsReferences
SCHOOL1academy, college, education, learning, seminary, teaching, university
See also Education
See also Main subject: EDUCATION
See also Schools in vinicity
See also Spending on education
School career2
Earlier schooling1
Earlier school-behavior5current rebellion
Earlier school-environment2
Earlier school success0
See also Development of one's education
Doubled a class1repeat one year
See also Development of one's education
School dropout3school failure
See also Development of one's education
See also School-success
Earlier attitudes to school5earlier satisfaction with school, earlier satisfaction with school
Change in schooling2events in education
Change in school-behavior0
Change in school-environment2
Change in attitudes to school0change in satisfaction with school, change in satisfaction with parts of life, change in satisfaction with school
Later schooling1
Later school-behavior0
Later school-environment1
Later attitudes to school0later satisfaction with school, later satisfaction, later satisfaction with parts of life, later satisfaction with school
Current school life0educational life, student life
Curriculum currently followed5courses, specialization
See also Educational specialization
Physical education48gymnastics, sport
See also Sporting
See also Current sporting
Daily life skills1ADL
Consumer education0buying, personal finance
Happiness education0happiiness course
See also Enlightenment about happiness
Health education0
See also Health education
Vocational skill traing1professional competence traing
See also Skill level of occupation
Elderly care training1gerontology, old age care
See also Living in an old age home
Current stage in school-career10grade, stage in school-career,
Current school-behavior2adjustment to school,
Involved in schooling or not58currently in education, student, student
See also Not in labour force
See also In working-force or not
See also Absenteeism at work
Extra-curricular activity3
See also Leisure activity level
School-success177school dropout, currently in education, intellectual performance, success in school
See also Intellectual competences
See also Level of school-education
See also Main subject: INTELLIGENCE
See also School performance
See also School dropout
See also School-success
See also Motivation to perform well in school
See also Satisfaction with own school-performance
Involvement in school-work58
See also Motivation to perform well in school
See also Current time-usage
Students' involvement0
Parents' involvement84
Misbehavior in school7current rebellion
Current school-environment0living on campus, practices in school, inequality at school,
Intellectual level of school3ability level of school, intelligence level in school,
See also Intellectual competences
School size1
Social characteristics of school2
Socio-economic level of school2
See also Main subject: SOCIO-ECONOMIC STATUS
Ethnic homogeneity of school3in school, migrants in school
See also Ethnic diversity in environment
Social climate in school17ambitiousness at school, anomy in school, democracy in school, school-morale, at school, at school, in school, value-climate in school
See also Teaching practices in nation
Bullying incidence47
See also Victim of bullying
Disciplinary climate0order
See also Teaching practices
Teaching practices2educational climate, learning menthod, pedagogy
Discovery oriented learning91experience based learning
Feedback by teachers42
Student taylored instruction42adaptive teaching
Study hours0learning time
See also Studying
See also Time spend studying
Homework49after school study
See also Studying
See also Current time-usage
School hours49
Support by teachers280
See also Sources of current support
Social context of school0education friendliness of environment
See also Parents involvement in children's school
Attitudes to school21need for achievement, adjustment to school, attitudes to education , satisfaction with school-life, concern about education,
See also Satisfaction with local schools
Motivation to perform well in school146ambition
See also Educational aspirations
See also Current motivation
See also Ambitious
See also School-success
See also Involvement in school-work
Perceived usefulness of schooling10
See also Attitudes to one's education
Perceived pressure of school-work55scool sstress
See also Current stress
See also Involvement in school-work
Satisfaction with own school-performance4satisfaction with school, satisfaction with own education
See also School-success
See also Satisfaction with own accomplishments
Satisfaction with one's school2
Satisfaction with school-facilities13satisfaction with school, satisfaction with school one attends
See also Satisfaction with local schools
Sense of belonginness at school49feeling home at school
See also Current anomy
See also Feeling close (vs remote)
See also Feeling lonely (vs not)
See also Feeling involved (vs detached)
See also Mood at school