Findings on Happiness and main subject: BODY

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DescriptionNr of findingsKeywordsReferences
BODY0own gender, own physical health
See also Main subject: APPEARANCE (good looks)
See also Body of parents
See also Main subject: HEALTH: PHYSICAL
Genes1genetic characteristics, GWAS
See also Happiness of children
See also Happiness of sibblings
Development of one's bodfy1physical growth, earlier body-condition, physical maturity, physical maturation, puberty
See also Main subject: AGE
Initial genetic characteristics0nature,
serotin transporter gene15-HTTLPR alleee
Earlier body characteristics29
See also Earlier physical health
Change in body11
Current stage of physical maturation0
See also Stage of life
Later bodily characteristics0later body-condition
Current bodily characteristics0physical state
Morphological characteristics4own appearance, physical morphology (physique), size of body (posture)
Strength1strong, weak
See also Physical competences
See also Obesity
See also weight of spouse
Body Mass Index (BMI)11healthy weight
See also Symptoms of bad health
Motorial characteristics0
Right/left handed0right handed
Physical states3physiological reactions
Menstruating1menarche, menstruation
Pregnant9expecting child, expecting child, pregnancy
See also Birth of children
Stage of pregnancy1gestation
Quality of pregnancy (mother or child at risk)1pregnancy complication
See also Symptoms of bad health
Tension1galvanic skin response
See also Tense
Attitudes to one's body1body image
Attitude to one's genitals2
See also Self perceived gender identity
See also Attitudes to one's sex-life