Findings on Happiness and main subject: SEX-LIFE

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DescriptionNr of findingsKeywordsReferences
SEX-LIFE0amorous, erotic, love, sensual, sexual, love, lust, marriage, relationship, passion, reproduction
See also Main subject: LOVE-LIFE
Sex-life career0
Earlier sex-life2
Earlier sexual behavior4
Earlier satisfaction with sex-life2earlier attitudes to sex, earlier satisfaction with sex, earlier attitudes to sex, earlier satisfaction with sex
Change in sex-life2
Change in sexual behavior0
Change in satisfaction with sex-life1change in attitudes to sex, change in satisfaction with sex, change in attitudes to sex, change in satisfaction with parts of life, change in satisfaction with sex
Later sex-life0
Current sex-life2
Sexual activity10
Sexual potence2capability, impotence, function
Sexual preference5hereto-sexual, homo-sexual, bi-sexual, a-sexual
See also Main subject: MINORITY STATUS
A-sexual0no sexual desire
Homo-sexual4gay, lebian, queer
Sexual promiscuity2polygamy, monogamy
Attitudes to one's sex-life10attitudes to own sex-life
See also Specific concerns
Concern about sex3interest
Problems with sex 8
See also Kind of problems perceived
Satisfaction with sex-life23
See also Satisfaction with love-life
Attitudes to sex in general1acceptance of sexuality as such, permissive attitudes about sex
See also Main subject: VALUE DEVELOPMENT
See also Main subject: VALUES: CURRENT PREFERENCES (own)
Restrictiveness of own attitude to sex4modern attitudes about sexuality
Acceptance of homo sexuality3
Perceived restrictiveness of others attitudes 0
Attitudinal conflicts0