Findings on Happiness and main subject: SOCIO-ECONOMIC STATUS

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DescriptionNr of findingsKeywordsReferences
SOCIO-ECONOMIC STATUS3class, job status, own place in society, middle class, rank, reputation, asses to knowledge, income, power, prestige, own class, social rank, own place in society, social status, own place on social ladder
See also Positional goods
See also Main subject: MINORITY STATUS
Status career0
Earlier socio-economic status9earlier social position,
See also Socio-economic background (earlier for adults, current for young)
See also Main subject: SOCIAL MOBILITY
Change in socio-economic status3
Later socio-economic status1later social position,
Current socio-economic status 69
See also Main subject: SUMMED DETERMINANTS
'Objective' socio-economic status83
See also Current education
See also Occupational level
Subjective social rank30attitudes to social status,
See also Current reputation (social self)
Status consistency4
See also Current consistency of self-image
Attitudes to own social status4
Concern about socio-economic status0
See also Occupational aspirations
Satisfaction with own status5satisfaction with social position, satisfaction with one's social position, satisfaction with own social position, attitude to one's social position
See also Satisfaction with own accomplishments