Findings on Happiness and main subject: SOCIAL SUPPORT: RECEIVED

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DescriptionNr of findingsKeywordsReferences
SOCIAL SUPPORT: RECEIVED1support received from family-members, , access to intimate support, asses to intimate support, intimate affiliations, support
See also Perceived social support in e-network
See also Support/training for coping with mental disability
See also Main subject: INTIMACY
See also Main subject: SOCIAL SUPPORT: PROVIDED
Support career0
Earlier support received5
Earlier satisfaction with social support received1
Change in support received1
Later support received0
Current social support received34
Amount of current support received18
Sources of current support35remittances
See also Support received from children
See also Support group without profesional
See also Type of income
See also Mutual support
See also Support by spouse
Kind of social support received12
See also Support/training for coping with mental disability
See also Individual counsel
Attitudes to social support received2attitudes to social support,
Perceived need for social support3own problems,
See also Perceived need for treatment
See also Main subject: PROBLEMS
Perceived availability of social support26expected social support, expected help in case of illness,
Satisfaction with social support received10satisfaction with social support